Iowa City Camera Club


The Iowa City Camera Club is an N4C (North Central Camera Clubs) Small Camera Club. We are a group of individuals who love photography and sharing our joy of photography with others. Our primary objective is to offer information in the art and science of photography, to stimulate creativity and experimentation, and to render services to others aimed at increasing their ability to practice photography.


We meet twice a month on the first and third Mondays at 7 pm from September through May at the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center which is located on the corner of Burlington and Gilbert Streets. Dues are $30 single, $35 for couples and $15 for first year members.


The Iowa City Camera Club has been named Small Camera Club of the Year by the North Central Camera Clubs in 1991, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.



Chairperson-  Mark Gromko

Vice Chair - John Johnson

Treasurer - Larry Meister

N4C Contact Wilford Yoder

Web Page - John Johnson

Bulletin Publisher - Mary Dreckman


2017-2018 Programs / Descriptions of Categories / Camera Club Council Competitions

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2017—2018 PROGRAMS


August 28, 2017 Meeting starts at 6:30. Introductions. Photos from your summer. No Altered Reality prints.


Sept 18, 2017 Presentation and discussion on the use of T, C, and I in judging. (Mark Gromko )


Oct 2, 2017 The program is a Critique Night, so please bring up to 10 images for which you would like feedback. We will use the N4C judging criteria of Technique, Composition, and Interest to frame our critique. Double Altered Reality prints. No Digital Journalism.


Oct 16, 2017 Organizing, storing and backing up your photos. (Tom Ward, Mary Dreckman, and John Johnson)


Oct 18, 2017 Judging Meeting: Digital Journalism


Nov 6, 2017 Critique Night #2. please bring up to 5 images for which you would like feedback. We will use the N4C judging criteria of Technique, Composition, and Interest to frame our critique.

No Altered Reality Prints.Double Digital Journalism.


Nov 20, 2017 Creative Techniques. How to do 4-6 techniques, (Bob Rude).


Jan 8, 2018 Club Project presentation: NIGHT PHOTOS. Club Project presentation: REFLECTIONS via mirror, window, water.

Double Altered Reality Prints.


Jan 15, 2018 Macro night. Bob is organizing a few others to provide several setups to photograph. Please bring your cameras and macro gear is you have any. I will bring some closeup lenses and some extension tubes (Nikon mount) that others may borrow. We will see if we can get set up early (maybe 6:15) so there will be enough time for shooting, as we will have to begin taking our setups down by 8:30.


Feb 5, 2018 *CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER* Photos from Macro Night and two interesting videos

1. Review January Digital returns.

2. Share a few photos from our macro meeting. John will organize them by subject, so that we’d look at all the photos of Willy’s fruit-in-a-glass; then all the photos of seashells; then all photos of the strawberry in soda water, etc. I think it could be interesting to compare how people handled the material differently.

3. Watch the video - Mitch K Post-Processing Method free tutorial - and then open it for discussion.

4.Short video - Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

No Digital B & W entries.

No Altered Reality Prints.


Feb 19, 2018 Critique Night #3. First Photo Essay Critique.


Feb 21, 2018 Judging Meeting: Digital Black & White


March 5, 2018 The program is Theme Night; we have at least two members who will present a theme using photos. We will also have the second photo essay critique. As time allows, we will share photos from the January Macro Night, and possibly at video on post-processing.


Double Digital B & W entries.   Double Altered Reality Prints.


March 19, 2018 Finish photo essays from last meeting; Critique Night #4 - bring up to 10 of your photos for helpful critique and suggestions; If time look at photos taken at Macro night.


April 2, 2018 How Did You Do That? (Mary Dreckman)

Double Digital Nature entries. No Altered Reality Prints.


April 16, 2018  Charlie Starnes of the Iowa State Fair Photography Contest

Charlie will talk about the Photography contest at the Iowa State Fair, how he organizes judging and helpful information about this year's contest.


May 7, 2018 State Fair Theme Photo critique.

No Digital Nature entries. Double Altered Reality Prints.


May 21, 2018 Club Project Presentation: Explore Iowa.


May 23, 2018 Judging Meeting: Digital Nature


June 4, 2018 Meeting starts at 6:30. Planning Meeting

Description Of Competition Categories

PICTORIAL: Entries may depict any subject matter. The stress is on technique, composition and artistic presentation rather than on documentary approach.


NATURE: Entries illustrate all natural phenomena: plants, animals, insects, landforms, sea and sky. There is a condition that the “hand of man does not show; roads, fences, wires, domestic animals or cultivated plants are unacceptable. Exception to this rule is when nature invades man’s domain and lives in peaceful coexistence. Zoo or studio shots may be acceptable if the setting appears natural and appropriate to the subject.


JOURNALISM: Generally refers to people and their environs: usual or unusual happenings, human interest subject material with strong story telling quality. Entries may now include “sequences”. Selection of snappy titles is important for this category.


Altered Reality: (was Creative) This is where entries that have been altered via creative methods, cloning, or adding textures should be submitted.


TRAVEL: This category captures the feeling of a place and portrays a land, people, or culture in its natural state. It need not be a far-away place. What is home for you, could be travel to someone else. Must list location!


LOCAL CLUB PHILOSOPHY: Rather than promoting competitive attitudes among members, we encourage members to show their work to each other to discuss possible problem areas and to offer suggestions for improvement.


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Slides: On the FACE of the mount, list: Title; Member Number, Maker’s Name; Maker’s Address, and Name of the Camera Club (Iowa City Camera Club). There must be a mark in the lower left corner when the slide is viewed in an upright position. Travel slides must list location. Since there only four contests, clubs may enter 16 slides in each contest: two slides made by each of eight of their club members.


Prints: On the BACK upper left hand corner of the mount or print, show: Member Number, Title, Maker’s Name, Maker’s Address, and Name of the Camera Club (Iowa City Camera Club). Black and White prints are sent to the same judging club as Nature Prints; specify whether a B&W Nature print is to be judged as Nature or B&W. Travel prints must list location.


Photo Essay: is defined as a series of images (on a DVD) that tell a story. Minimum number of images is 20, no maximum, but program time shall not exceed six minutes. Entry forms and specific rules can be found at Each DVD and entry form must be marked with the Member Number, Maker’s Complete Name, and Title of the Essay. Entries are rated by quality of the photography; sound track quality (music and narration, if included); and impact and integration of sound and images.


See also

Camera Club Council Competitions


Monthly competitions are held free of charge September though May, except December. Our Club may submit eight entries per contest category per month, on the basis of one per maker.


“Open” competitions for Altered Reality Prints are held four times each year. Eight contestants, if they desire, may submit two entries each.


N4C member numbers must be on all prints, slides and digital entries. Travel slides and prints must list location.


Entries that win First, Second, Third or Honorable Mention in a monthly contest will be in the year-end N4C competition.


Contest Categories


Digital - monthly: Pictorial, Nature, Altered Reality, Travel, Journalism and Black & White


Prints - monthly: Color, Nature, Travel, Journalism and Black & White - October, January, March and May: Altered Reality


Journalism Entries may now include “sequences” in both digital and print contests


Digital Photo Essay: Annual Contest


Panorama Print: Annual Contest


See also

Print Size

Mounting or matting: optional in all categories


Size: can range from 8” x 10” to 16” x 20”, including mat


Photojournalism Prints: maximum size 8” x 12”, must be unmatted, only a thin mount…if used


Panorama Prints: aspect ratio greater than 2:1, Maximum size of 320 square inches including mat. Entries to be delivered at Springbrook meeting.




By the 10th of the judging month:


Pictorial Mark Gromko


Nature John Johnson


Black & White Madhu Singh


Altered Reality Bob Rude


Travel: Randy Moyer


Journalism: Wilford Yoder


Image Size: Entries must be no more than 1920 pixels on the longer side. Files must be less than 500 Kb.


Naming Image Files – Example: 01,JA045,DP,Beautiful Sunset.jpg


It is imperative to follow the above naming convention!


A. 01, to be used on all entries. It may be changed later and used to sequence the judging. The N4C Contact of the entrant’s camera club will use this ID number to sequence the names submitted, normally from 01 to 08.


B. JA045, is the entrant’s personal N4C Member Number. JA is the “Club Code” designation for the Iowa City Camera Club. Each Club member has a digital entry number, which is listed in the back of this booklet.


C. Categories DP= Digital Pictorial; DN=Digital Nature;DC Digital Altered Reality; DT=Digital Travel; DJ=Digital Journalism; DB=Digital Black and White


D. Beautiful Sunset = the entrant’s title for the image, no commas!


E. .jpg = the extension indicating the format of the file (.jpg)


F. Commas are used to populate the electronic record keeping system for tracking and judging. Do Not use spaces.

Contact Us



Chairperson-  Mark Gromko

Vice Chair - John Johnson

Treasurer - Larry Meister

N4C Contact Wilford Yoder

Web Page - John Johnson

Bulletin Publisher - Mary Dreckman



Collectors of Digital Submissions for the club


DT, DP and DB Randy Moyer

DJ, DN and DC Wilford Yoder


Just the Web guy - John Johnson







Digital Pictorial        DP  Monthly  TBD

Digital Nature           DN  Monthly  Johnson

Digital Altered Reality  DA  Monthly  Rude

Digital Travel           DT  Monthly  Moyer

Digital Journalism       DJ  Monthly  Yoder

Digital Black & White    DB  Monthly  Singh


Altered Reality Prints   CY  Oct-Jan-Mar-May Lorson

Color Prints             CP  Monthly  Meister

Nature Prints            NP  Monthly  Luebbert/Gromko

Travel Prints            TP  Monthly  Moyer

Journalism Prints        JP  Monthly  Yoder

Black and White Prints   BW  Monthly  Luebbert/Gromko


Photo Essay              PE  April    to D. Tomes

Panorama Prints          PP  April    Spring Mini-Convention