Meetings are usually in Meeting Room A on the upper level of the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center at 220 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240 at 7 PM.

Fall 2019

Aug 26, 2019 Share 10 to 15 of your summer photos, chat and socialize! Last year we tried limiting time rather than number; we counted the number of people sharing and divided the time remaining by the number of people, and tried to limit each person to that amount of time which seems to work well, so we’ll try that again Monday so don’t feel that 10 to 15 photos is a hard limit.See you Monday!

Sep 16 Change in rules for judging starting Sep 2019
TCI we’ve been using OR a 9 point scale;
Do you want to be a judge/how to rate your own photos: 3 people using TCI and 3 using 9 point system judging pre-submitted photos and talking briefly about why they judged as they did (Mark)

Sep 19-21 N4C Annual Convention in Des Moines, see for more information.

Oct 7 Critique night #1
Our topics are returns from the September contests and Critique night #1. 
If you’re new, our critique is friendly and constructive, some people bring 2 or 3 variations of the same photo and ask which they should submit, some ask for how could they improve their photos and some want to see what others think of their latest photos.
For the critique, we’ll divide the time evenly between the people bringing photos.

No DB entries in the N4C contest this month

Oct 21 Monitor calibration, Printing, Mounting, How to prepare photo for a commercial printer (Mark, Willy, Bob)

Oct 23 DB Judging in Meeting Room B, not A

Nov 4 Personal Photo web site – There are many ways to do one such as WIX, WordPress, Smugmug, Flickr, etc. Several club members will show what they want to show/do with their web site, where to find online tutorials on how to do it, cost (Tom Ward, Alyssa Azhari, John Johnson)
Double DB entries in the N4C contest this month

Nov 18 Speaker Kim Pagel of Photo Pro in Cedar Rapids. He will talk about events they have coming up, their services including printing, what’s new in gear, mirrorless cameras, and showcase some new equipment.

Winter/Spring 2020

Jan 6, 2020 Club project – model shoot
Show your photos (up to 10) from each of the summer Photo Shoots Randy organized.

Jan 20 (MLK Day) Lighting, both studio and flash (Randy)

Feb 3 Photo Essay and Critique #2
We’ll divide the time between number of people asking for critique.
No DT entries in the N4C contest this month.

Feb 17 Club project – Portals (Ed)
Bring 5 to 10 pictures of portals. A portal is a doorway, window, arch, etc., where the viewer sees beyond. This is your opportunity to be capture what catches your eye and/or see what altered reality things you can do and then share with the club. I grabbed several examples of portals from Pixabay to help generate ideas. Let’s find out what interesting things we can find between now and February! Samples are at

Feb 19 DT Judging in meeting room B

Mar 2 Photo Essay #2 and Critique #3
We’ll divide the time between number of people asking for critique.
Double DT entries in the N4C contest this month

Mar 16 Club Project: night shoot and light painting (Mary)
Bring up to 10 of your photos from one of the outings for night shoot and/or light painting.
Mary will talk about what she learned over the summer.

Apr 6 Back to the Basics (Mark, John)
Much can be done with basic adjustments. The same basic adjustments appear as sliders in many different programs, including LightRoom, PhotoShop, Topaz, and others.
Double AR entries in the N4C contest this month

Apr 20 Planning for trips
Mary, Kristel and Mark talk for a few minutes each about some of their trips, the gear they use, any special planning they do for taking travel photos and show some of their photos.

Apr 24-26 N4C mini-convention near Des Moines

May 4 Critique night #4
Returns from April; Critique night – we’ll divide the time between number of people asking for critique.
No AR entries in the N4C contest this month

May 18 TBA

May 20 AR Judging

Jun 1 Planning meeting for 2020-2021

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