Digital & Print Guidelines

Print Size

Mounting or matting: optional in all categories

Size: can range from 8” x 10” to 16” x 20”, including mat

Photojournalism Prints: maximum size 8” x 12”, must be unmatted, only a thin mount…if used

Panorama Prints: aspect ratio greater than 2:1, Maximum size of 320 square inches including mat. Entries to be delivered at Springbrook meeting.


Before the 10th of the judging month paid members can submit images to:

Pictorial Mark Gromko

Nature Kristel Saxton

Black & White Alyssa Azhari

Altered Reality Bob Rude

Travel: Randy Moyer

Journalism: Wilford Yoder

Image Size: Entries must be no more than 1920 pixels on the longer side. Files must be less than 750 Kb.

Naming Image Files – Example: 01,JA045,DP,Beautiful Sunset.jpg

It is imperative to follow the above naming convention!

A. 01, to be used on all entries. It may be changed later and used to sequence the judging. The N4C Contact of the entrant’s camera club will use this ID number to sequence the names submitted, normally from 01 to 08.

B. JA045, is the entrant’s personal N4C Member Number. JA is the “Club Code” designation for the Iowa City Camera Club. Each Club member has a digital entry number, which is listed in the back of this booklet.

C. Categories DP= Digital Pictorial; DN=Digital Nature;DA Digital Altered Reality; DT=Digital Travel; DJ=Digital Journalism; DB=Digital Black and White

D. Beautiful Sunset = the entrant’s title for the image, no commas!

E. .jpg = the extension indicating the format of the file (.jpg)

F. Commas are used to populate the electronic record keeping system for tracking and judging. Do Not use spaces


Prints: On the BACK upper left hand corner of the mount or print, show: Member Number, Title, Maker’s Name, Maker’s Address, and Name of the Camera Club (Iowa City Camera Club). Black and White prints are sent to the same judging club as Nature Prints; specify whether a B&W Nature print is to be judged as Nature or B&W. Travel prints must list location.

DIGITAL: 1920 pixels maximum on the longest side, file-size less than 750KB, sRGB color space.

See the following videos about Sizing Photos for Contests:

[Exporting Contest Entries from Lightroom CC]

[Lightroom Export Presets]

[Exporting Contest Entries from Photoshop CC]

Photo Essay: is defined as a series of images that tell a story. Minimum number of images is 20, no maximum, but program time shall not exceed six minutes. Entry details and specific rules can be found at Each entry should be in mp4 file format and sent to Dropbox, marked with the Member Number, Maker’s Complete Name, and Title of the Essay. Entries are rated by quality of the photography; sound track quality (music and narration, if included); and impact and integration of sound and images.

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