Monthly Contests

September through May – Digital and Print

Monthly (except for Altered Reality Prints which are 4 times a year) many of our members submit digital and/or print entries to the N4C for judging and we usually judge two or three contests a year. You must be a currently paid member to submit images or prints for competition.

Rather than copy the information from the N4C website, details of Competition Categories are here on pages F-5 and F-6 and details on the competition guidelines are at

Our club Prints are submitted to:

Altered Reality Prints      CY      Bob Rude      Oct-Jan-Mar-May only

Pictorial Prints               CP     Wilford Yoder

Nature Prints                 NP      Wilford Yoder

Travel Prints                  TP      Randy Moyer 

Journalism Prints          JP      Randy Moyer

B&W Prints                    BW     Wilford Yoder

Our club Digital Images are submitted before the 10th of the judging month to:

Digital Pictorial              DP      Mark Gromko

Digital Nature                DN     Alyssa Azhari

Digital Altered Reality     DA     Bob Rude

Digital Travel                 DT     Randy Moyer

Digital Journalism           DJ     Mark Gromko

Digital Black & White      DB     Alyssa Azhari

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