Pictures Created While Practicing Social Distancing

Mark said “I find that while sheltering at home I have turned to photography as a rewarding activity. I suspect that others in the club are also relying on their photography skills to give themselves something meaningful to do.” Here’s the result with some Club Project:Portal photos as well.

Johnny Brian – instagram filters
Judy Mitschelen – Anita_letter
Mark Gromko – a Gearhead Bike on Sketch
Mark Gromko – c Set up
Alyssa Azhari – Free
Johnny Brian – what I did during lockdown
Celine Hartwig – FullSizeRender
Celine Hartwig – Haunted
Mark Gromko – Giraffe Beads-8250-Edit
Wilford Yoder – Barn Roof opening to Cupola_5276
Wilford Yoder – Cades Cove Cantilever Barn.
Wilford Yoder – Ely’s 1893 Stone Arch Bridge
Wilford Yoder – Mission San Xavier, Tuscon AZ
Wilford Yoder – Tiffany Window_7840
William Case- Wilson’s Apple Orchard
William Case – Matterhorn 1 from 30 year old negative
William Case – William Case – 9-29-86 from 30 year old negative

Steve Fleagle’s portal photos ↓

Mark Gromko – Court House
Mark Gromko – this is right side up

Kristel Saxton’s photos of her friend Justin’s house fire – no one was hurt which is the important thing!

Mark Gromko – A Vase
John Johnson – Keep Calm and Carry a Camera
Mark Gromko – b Gearhead Bike on Path
Peter Rodd – Eric’s Pandemic Preparation
Alyssa Azhari – Daytona Sunrise
Alyssa Azhari – Underneath
Celine Hartwig – FullSizeRender_1
Johnny Brian – Back in the darkroom 1
Johnny Brian – Back in the darkroom 2
Wilford Yoder – Barn Door_5834
Wilford Yoder – Cardinal in window
Wilford Yoder – K. Barn JC. IA.
Wilford Yoder – Railroad Car Door lock
Wilford Yoder – Wind-holes in Brick Barn_6561
Johnny Brian – Favorite Tree
Mark Gromko – Straw Hat-8308-Edit

Madhu Singh’s portal photos ↓

John Johnson’s portal images ↓

Mary Drekman’s portal photos

Cheryll Clamon – Sunset 3
Cheryll Clamon – Reiman Gardens
Mark Gromko – A project that didn’t work so well
Mark Gromko – A building
Mark Gromko – B building
Mark Gromko – B Vase

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