2020-2021 Programs

Meetings are at 7 PM and usually in Meeting Room A on the upper level of the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center at 220 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240 however due to Covid we are meeting online through at least June 2021 with the meeting link emailed to the club a week before the meeting. If you are not on our email list and want to be please contact us via the contact page.

New this year: photo assignments – shoot something that is new that you have not done before. The goal for photo assignments is to take a new photo (something you’ve shot in the last month or two) to try a new technique with your photography to push you to try new things and grow. Challenge yourself! Bring 1-3 photos to share and talk about what you learned. Bonus points if you can share your settings/editing.

Jul 6, 2020 Macro Photography and Depth of Field: Mark will talk about focus stacking, depth of field and how to control it in macro.
Your State Fair photos since the state fair is canceled this year
Critique and/or show some of your most recent photos

Jul 20, 2020 Basic photo editing with Judy on Photoshop camera raw, John on Luminar and Mark on Lightroom. As usual, we will have socializing before and after the meeting.

Aug 3, 2020 Your photos of Kent County Park (closes at 10:30 PM and opens at sunrise) and/or Hickory Hill Park (I prefer entering from the east entrance on 1st Ave North.

Aug 17, 2020 Your photos of the Neowise Comet, Perseid Meteor Shower (peaks Aug 11-13, 2020, see https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-blogs/capturing-the-perseids-how-to-photograph-a-meteor-shower/ for hints on photographing the Perseids). Since the expected cloud cover may not allow good shots of the Perseids, let’s include the Milky Way, sunrise, sunsets and sky related photos.

Aug 31, 2020 Welcome and what you did over the summer
Photo assignment: self portrait or groupie portrait, as in take a self portrait in any way you want or do a groupie; Your new thing can be something in the way you shot the photo or the way you edit it. We want this to be open so that we can be creative. 

Sep 10-13, 2020 *canceled* N4C Annual convention http://n4c.us

Sep 21, 2020 What are plugins? Which are good? Host- Wendelin NIK-Mark Gromko, Topaz, Photoshop, Luminzea-Steve Fleagle, Luminar-John Johnson.

Oct 5, 2020 Digital returns
Critique or Share Night

Oct 19, 2020 What makes this photo great/Take several award winners on National/International scale and discuss them- Kristel Saxton/Mark Gromko

Nov 2, 2020 Digital returns
Great ICONIC Photographs Bill Case, Madhu Singh and Peter Rodd

Nov 16, 2020 Tips and tricks for editing – host Kristel Saxton (30 minutes)
Favorite locations near Iowa City/in Iowa to take pictures – Steve F. (20-30 minutes)
Photo assignment to share: Reflections in a mirror. Please make this a new photo you’ve taken in October or November and try to push yourself to try something new. The planning committee would like you to use a mirror and then find an interesting way to reflect something in it. We can’t wait to see what creative things everyone will share.

Nov 19, 2020  DP judging – Mark – Thursday

Dec 7, 2020 Harvest 2020 photos

Dec 21, 2020 Photo Assignment: (Mark) The same shot from different viewpoints; General photo sharing; What we want for Christmas

Jan 4, 2021 Digital returns
Creative techniques Bob Rude

Jan 18, 2021 Tips and tricks share (Hosted by Kristel; 5-10 minutes)
Video essays – Guest Speaker: Siddharth Singh – How to shoot video on your DSLR, how to edit video

Jan 20, 2021 DJ judging – Wilford – Wednesday

Feb 1, 2021  Digital returns
Critique or Share Night and 1st photo essay

Feb 15, 2021  Guest speaker Stephanie Johnson will speak on Intentional Camera Movement, her website is https://www.icmphotomag.com/
Photo assignment to share: Money money money (we may move this)

Mar 1, 2021  Digital returns
Critique or Share Night and 2nd photo essay

Mar 15, 2021  Tips and tricks share (Hosted by Kristel; 5-10 minutes)
Smartphone photography – Alyssa Azhari
Photo assignment to share: Composite of an Iowa Winter

Mar 22, 2021 DN judging – Alyssa – Monday

Apr 5, 2021 Digital returns;
Negatives, slides, and old photos – Gail Wadley
(John sends out planning survey this week and contacts planning committee members)

Apr 19,2021 2021-2022 planning- quick planning session
Tips and tricks for editing – host Kristel Saxton (30 minutes)
Photo assignment to share: One object in several unexpected locations

Apr 21, 2021  Planning committee meeting

Apr 30-May 2, 2021 N4C Mini-Convention http://n4c.us

May 3, 2021 Digital returns
Critique or Share Night

May 17, 2021 Barry Phipps (guest speaker, http://www.barryphipps.com/) – The Importance of Sequencing in Photo Books – host Johnny Brian

Jun 7, 2021 Take a few images, give to the club, see what people do with them – Bob Rude
Photo assignment to share: Shooting in Macro a flower in a dark room using only a flashlight for lighting.

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