SD Page 1

William Case- Wilson’s Apple Orchard
William Case – Matterhorn 1 from 30 year old negative
William Case – William Case – 9-29-86 from 30 year old negative

Steve Fleagle’s portal photos ↓

Mark Gromko – Court House
Mark Gromko – this is right side up

Kristel Saxton’s photos of her friend Justin’s house fire – no one was hurt which is the important thing!

Mark Gromko – A Vase
John Johnson – playing around with photoshop
Peter Rodd – untitled iPhone 11 Pro

Madhu Singh’s portal photos ↓

John Johnson’s portal images ↓

Mary Drekman’s portal photos

Cheryll Clamon – Sunset 3
Cheryll Clamon – Reiman Gardens
Mark Gromko – A project that didn’t work so well
Mark Gromko – A building
Mark Gromko – B building
Mark Gromko – B Vase
Mark Gromko – Eagles on Nest
Johnny Brian – fireflies composite is a flat image made from all 60 images in the animated gif. I made the images a couple of year ago — when I shot the images I used an intervalometer that I had programmed to take 20 images at 10 second exposure, with a short delay between each image — and unfortunately I also put in a delay before starting the captures. After the first 20 images, I decided that I needed more fireflies so I restated the intervalometer — twice, but due to the start delay the star trails are broken. I have always planed to try this again, but have never gotten around to it. The latest version of Photoshop is amazingly easy to make composites as well as the animated gif.

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