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Mark Gromko – Budha in the Clouds-1
Mark Gromko – Budha in the Clouds-2
Judy Mitschelen – orange Baltimore oriole. For those who haven’t tried it, Cornell’s Merlin app has continued to improve since inception. You can take a picture with your phone and have it ID the bird, but I find I have better luck by taking a decent picture with my DSLR and then use the app to take a phone pic of my computer screen. The app helped me confirm that I not only have the more common-to-my-yard brilliant orange Baltimore orioles this year, 
Judy Mitschelen – orchard oriole – I thought I might just be seeing different phases of males and females with normal variances in color but the bright yellow masked juvenile confirmed my suspicion that this year’s reunion included both families.
Wilford Yoder – Pella Tulips_8450
Wilford Yoder – Pella Tulips_8557
Wilford Yoder – Pella Tulips_8636-57
Madhu Singh – shooting star flowers
Johnny Brian – CLOUDS in 12 frames from one of my Hasselblad cameras — from a couple of years ago
Mark Gromko – Shooting Stars-1 Rochester Cemetary – The Shooting Star bloom isn’t as strong as I remember it from previous years, but because of the cool spring I think it hasn’t peaked yet. I added color and “sparkle” to this image with Topaz.
Mark Gromko – Rochester Cemetery-Oak trees are beautiful
Dandelion pretty when white but…
Flox – playing with macro lens
Red tree leaves
Tulip in full bloom – six photos stacked together

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